If you’re involved in a project that is building/migrating a platform, system, web portal or APIs and you are exploring what tech stack to use? You’re probably wondering about docker, containers and kubernetes. But do you really need this tech? Consider below points before making the decision!


This article assumes…

Here are some tips and recommendations for designing, developing, and deploying HTTP based public/private APIs (called REST APIs or microservices):

  • Start simple, don’t over-engineer.
  • Remember the basics — resource based design, CRUD operations, idempotency, stateless calls, HTTP verbs, etc.
  • Chatty vs. Chunky — who’s your consumer? Mobile app, web, system…

Disclaimers and exclusions:

  1. In this article, I will primarily offer web solutions based on the client-side Single Page Application/Progressive Web Application frameworks like Angular, React or Vue.
  2. I will not offer web solutions based on the traditional server-side MVC Web frameworks such as ASP.NET MVC, Django, and Ruby on rails or the Java…

Manish Jain

Cloud | Web | Mobile | DevOps — Consultant

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